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You can now summit your posts here on Loud Naija and get a backlink from us. You may be asking what is a backlink, a backlink is a inbound link that link back to your site what It simply means is that Site A like your content now in return it gives you a credit of a link, linking to your Site.

Why Do I Need A Backlink?

Every site owner needs a backlink to his/her cause backlink boost your SEO and when your SEO strong it boost your Site Rank in Search Engines.

How Does This Work?

When crawler craws my site and sees you’re your site link on my site it means that I trust your site so it will also craw the internal link too so when that happens your SEO get stronger too.


So what are you waiting for?

How Do I Summit My Posts?

We Welcome every posts, you can send your posts to us through the below form or send it to us at Post@loudnaija.com don’t forget to include your site name and link too.

Once we receive your post one of our staff may need to review your post first before publish. The reason for this is because a DMCA was issued against us for Copyright Infringement Content.

Please complete the required fields.


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