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Tweezy Explains Why He Gave Rouge A Free Beat

Late last week we saw Rouge open up about how her career changing track Mbongo Zaka came about commending Tweezy for giving her a free beat for the song which became an instant hit.

The producer then went on to clarify that he is not giving people free beats because he still has a family to feed. “Ok real quick guys, I appreciate the love received from the post Rouge made about Mbongo Zaka but please, don’t think that I’m outchea giving out free beats and all. I still have a family to feed lol,” tweeted Tweezy.

The rapper/producer went on to explain why he gave Rouge the beat. “I’ve known Rouge for quite some time now, and I was really impressed with the amount of work she had put in when she asked me for help. I really believed in her talents and efforts. Then and now…so much that I’m 100% sure that we will both benefit whenever I’m able to help her,” read his following tweet explaining the collaboration with Rouge.

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