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HHP Says AKA Took Back His Verse On His Drum Album

It is no secret that HHP enjoys AKA’s music and respects him as an artist. HHP has been working on his last album which will be called Drum.

Apparently AKA is one of the artists who was supposed to be featured on Jabba’s last album. According to HHP, he approached AKA to do a verse for a song called Wa Mpolaya which he executed but later took back because he didn’t want to do the song anymore.

“PS, hake baele AKA skeleme. I asked him to feature on my last album. He gave me the dopest verse ever. But he then took it back. Doesn’t want to do the song anymore. Ofcourse I’m disappointed cause that song is a SMASH! But fuck it. Kea go ira masepa without AbutiMega,” tweeted Jabba.

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