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How To Transform Negative Energy Or Situation To Positive Ones


Do you want to learn to transform negative things into positive ones?
Typically, we all know we’re surrounded by negativity, however, many times our perspective and the way we see things makes situations better or worse. Because of this, we want to give you five strategies that will help you to be a little happier when your environment exudes negativity. This way, you’ll know how to transform “the bad” into something that benefits you.

5 Ways To Transform Negative Things To Positive 
1. Revitalize your thoughts
Imagine that you have written to your best friend. And, they saw the message but didn’t respond. Immediately, questions about if they’re mad with you will appear in your mind. You might think that you’ve said something that could have made them feel bad.
What happens in this moment is a mistake. Maybe, nothing that you’re sure is happening to you is really happening. Your friend could be busy. Maybe their battery died just when they saw your message. And a thousand other things could have happened. So, don’t take your thoughts as an absolute truth. This is because they are very influenced by the thoughts that are overwhelming you in the moment.
What do you think is happening? Ask yourself if this is really logical and you’ll see.
2. Invert reality
An interesting and fun technique for making negative things positive is to reverse what is happening to you. For instance, if you’ve started the day by saying “I feel awful”, change this by saying “I feel great,” but you need to believe it. Repeat it as much as you need to until you internalize it. And, you’ll realize that you really don’t feel bad! In reality, you have the ability to change your way of seeing and experiencing things.

3. When faced with negative things, always have a positive response
You can’t control what happens to you. It could be that tomorrow you get fired, you can’t pay rent, or your partner leaves you. However, the worst thing you can do is complain to yourself, drown yourself in a victimization, and feed this negativity that surrounds you. By doing this you make it much stronger. How can you prevent this? Respond to bad situations with positivity.
For instance, when faced with the possibility of getting fired you can say “this is an opportunity to find another job that will help me grow.” Or, when faced with a breakup, you can say “now I can dedicate more time to myself and discover what I really want from a relationship.”
4. Practice mindfulness!
Mindfulness helps you to be much more positive. This is because one of its characteristics is to focus on the present moment. In other words, you stop living in the past or worrying about the future. That’s all you have to do!
With mindfulness, you’ll learn to see your thoughts without judging them. You’ll see the best in things and the good that situations can have. Many are conditioned by what they feel. And, this keeps them from seeing from certain situations that they’re a part of.
5. Love yourself a lot and treat yourself
We can’t finish these strategies for transforming the negative into something positive without mentioning how important it is to love and treat yourself.
If you don’t do this, it’ll be almost impossible to see the positive side of things that happen to you. People tend to interpret something as good or bad based on how other people approve or disapprove of their behavior. They also leave their well-being in the hands of others. You need to learn to prioritize yourself. You need to give yourself the value that you deserve without anyone having to say it. And you should love yourself without anyone coming along to declare how much they love you.
This is the moment to take life’s reins and discover that being negative is only a question of perspective. What if you didn’t always think that making a mistake was a disaster? What if you realized that afterward it really meant an opportunity?
Don’t become the victim or suffer in vain. Life is much simpler than you believe. It’s just that sometimes our thoughts are guided by the emotions that you decided were bad. And, they become the obstacles that defeat you.
This is the time to make negative things positive. This is the moment to be truly happy.
Source: SteptoHealth

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