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Woman awarded €1.1m after ‘her face was torn off by exploding whipped cream canister

A woman whose skull was cracked and whose face was partially torn off by an exploding whipped cream canister has been awarded €1.1m by a French court.

The trial comes just months after a prominent French lifestyle blogger (pictured above)died after a similar incident involving a whipped cream canister made by the same manufacturer.

A court in the southern French town of Montauban has ruled that Emilie Lada deserved the payout after the household accident in 2013 left her with permanent disabilities, including memory failure and the loss of her sense of taste and smell.

Mrs Lada, then 30, was preparing a mousse at her home when the whipped cream canister she was holding exploded and the plastic lid shot into her face,the Telegraph reports.

Her husband and their two young children were in the kitchen at the time of the accident.

The woman was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries, but recovered. While medical teams were able to reconstruct the woman’s face, she was left with permanent disabilities.

These disabilities were considered severe enough to warrant the seven-figure payout by the importer of the canister, F2J, and its insurance provider AXA, the court ruled.

There have been around 60 serious incidents involving exploding whipped cream canisters since 2013, Mrs Lada’s lawyer said. Several of these have been with the same canister used by Mrs Lada was using, but there have been incidents with other brands too.

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