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Our tips who to see at this weekend’s This Feeling Tramlines Festival Fringe

Words: Richard Cobb

If you thought expensive pints and post tent-twister walks of shame were the most common sight at UK festivals this year, think again. With more fuel added to the fire, top UK promoter This Feeling are back again at a festival this weekend.

Between tomorrow Friday 21 to Sunday 23 July, they have come up with another belter of a line-up, at Sheffield’s Tramlines Festival Fringe with the free entry gigs taking place in the city’s The Great Gatsby and The Rocking Chair.

And to help you make a decision on your ‘have to see’ shortlust, here’s a few bands we think you should squeeze to the front for this weekend.

Friday night’s antics will unfold at The Great Gatsby from 6pm.
Sheffield’s own The Harringtons cut the ribbon on the weekend at 7pm. If you like your pre-desert Arctic Monkeys and Milburn, which, let’s face it-pretty much everyone with a fringe and a pulse in Sheffield does, then you’ll be sinking the pints early in the night watching these guys.

Next through the door are Bolton four-piece Jordan Allen. A band we’ve been excited about for a while and covered a fair bit with both their live show in Manchester last year and their superbly titled ‘Livin La Vida Bolton’ EP which they released back in February. Having recently supported The Sherlocks too, the band have been picking up a lot of well-deserved traction the past few months. If you want to catch them, you’ll need to get down sharp.

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Leeds grown (sorry, couldn’t help myself) The Strawberries sound like The Coral on their less sleepy numbers and have definitely got a bit of bite and swagger about them. A great shout to catch on the opening night too.

Start your Saturday with a cooked breakfast consisting of four microwaved berocca’s, then tumble down to The Rocking Chair for a healthy 10 hours of music.

Manchester psych band SAUCE are worth putting the sunglasses on and leaving the house early for. Watch the video for their latest single ‘Love Shocks’ below then go and see for yourself.

The Stone Roses may have recently left us, but the bucket hat is still in the business and it’s been passed on to Dantevilles. Just to point out, they sound nothing like their Manchester counterparts and will be just the pick-me-up you need at the mid-point of the day.


Following these, and favourites of mine after catching them at the This Feeling night in Glasgow earlier in the year, Shambolics bring their shenanigans south of the border. If there’s a must-see band this weekend, then these guys are probably it. Just don’t stand too close if you don’t want second hand Buckfast down your shirt!


Probably the loudest and most energetic band of the weekend, Guildford’s punk rock’n’rollers BlackWaters are the penultimate band of the night and if you’re still standing at this point, congratulate yourself by having a mad one during their set.

Sunday’s back at The Rocking Chair. It’s the final day, but strap yourselves in, you’ve still got a long way to go.

Aztec Temples are up first. A band incredibly difficult to accurately Google I might add, though they are the only Aztec Temples located in Leicester, which narrowed it down a bit. Sharing similar vocal style and driving bass sound to their hometown heroes Kasabian, the four-piece seem like a good band to discover early on.

Later in the day, Red Rum Club are definitely worth a punt. Armed with a trumpet, it’ll be a nice refreshing addition to the day. Sonically, think The Maccabees ‘Wall of Arms’ with a Liverpool coating.

There’s an addictive Primal Scream meets Oasis by way of The Happy Monday’s vibe to Birmingham’s Ivory Wave. That’s surely reason enough to see them.

Closing the weekend are The Assist. The Walsall band dub themselves as a council rock/pop band and there’s something unique and genuinely exciting about them, which has been identified by BBC Introducing who have taken them under their wing this year. Check out their set from Pirate Studios back in May here.

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With loads more bands on over the weekend, and all free of charge, do the sensible thing and cram as much in as you can and pull a sickie on Monday.


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